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I love to write: memoirs, essays, magazine articles, short stories, children’s stories, solo performance pieces, stage plays, screenplays, and BLOGS — scroll down for my most up-to-date post.  My first memoir, TEA IN TRIPOLI, tells of my own year of living dangerously in Libya (see below). I’m already working on my second, DINNER IN DUBAI.

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Tea in Tripoli

Broken by divorce, debt, and workplace sexual harassment, 26-year-old Bernadette Nason is hanging by a thread. With almost no travel experience, she grabs the first available overseas job and, two months later, she’s in Libya. Inspired by her adventures during Gaddafi’s regime, c. 1984-85, Tea in Tripoli follows Nason’s attempts to escape her past on an unusual, often perilous, journey of self-discovery. It’ll resonate with anyone who has ever run away from problems instead of taking care of business. Move over, Bridget Jones, there’s a new, real-life idiot in town.

“Drenched in the aftermath of colonialism, Tea in Tripoli is a coming of age tale like no other. Nason is a brave and witty travel companion who leaves you looking forward to the next trip.” — Donna M. Johnson, Author of Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir

Official release August 21, 2017, but pre-publication copies available here for $17.95 + tax + shipping (sent First Class within 24 hours of order). For international orders, please contact Bernadette directly at

English Christmas Splendour in the Swinging 1960s

A short post because the photo says it all.   Life in England was simpler back in the early 1960s.  Everything connected with Christmas is on top of, alongside, or in front of the radiogram.  Christmas Tree (live) - check Creche with the Angel Gabriel on top - check...

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The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

As you probably know, the English don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. O. Henry loves to tell people – it is a “purely American” holiday. In England, we celebrate Harvest Festival. Of course, we’ve given thanks for successful harvests since pagan times – the odd virgin...

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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

I grew up surrounded by all things Jane Austen. She died in my hometown of Winchester in the county of Hampshire in England, and is buried in Winchester Cathedral. She spent much of her life in Hampshire, and lived her last eight years in Chawton, near Winchester. The...

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White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit

Posted on June 2, 2016 by Bernadette Nason I’ve been saying, “White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit” first thing on the first day of every month since I was tiny. According to my lovely mum, mentioning white rabbits x 3 first thing on the first day of the month...

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Summer 1984, Tripoli, Libya — My First Voice Work

EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS TO ENGLAND (grammar and spelling choices have been left intact) Tripoli, 24th July 1984 "Another thing which is quite interesting is that some of the Tripoli Players are doing a sound recording for some educational tapes to teach Libyans English...

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St. Valentine’s Day in Libya, 1985

What does the average woman expect to receive on St. Valentine's Day? Flowers, chocolates, and champagne come to mind, naughty knickers perhaps. At the very least, a card. I haven't lived in Great Britain for ages, and haven't been there on that special occasion for...

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